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A Look at Drug Rehab Programs in Delaware

Delaware is a mid-Atlantic state located on a peninsula. It is the second smallest state in the country, but it is filled with beauty. You can enjoy Delaware’s great outdoors by kayaking the waterways, hiking the wooded trails, or simply taking in the coastal breezes. It is an area rich in history that the residents keep alive in their cobblestone streets, old estates, and colonial forts. Unfortunately, substance use disorder is also widespread.

Illicit opioids are the primary drug threat in Delaware with the increasing availability of fentanyl and heroin. There were 315 overdose deaths in 2021, and 82% involved fentanyl. Since then, the state has reached a new monthly high in overdose deaths in May of 2022. One out of every 100 residents of Delaware is dependent on opioids. Fortunately, there is help.

How and Why to Get Help

Having a substance use disorder is nothing to be ashamed of. Help is available. You just need to reach out to drug rehab facilities in Delaware that can help you overcome your substance use disorder.

There are many reasons why you need to seek help. The most obvious is your health. Addiction changes your physical health. This opens you up to some serious risks when it comes to your heart, liver, and even your brain. You also suppress your immune system, which makes you more susceptible to viruses. Recovering from an illness becomes more difficult. Even your mental health can suffer. Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand with a substance use disorder.

Many people find that they can enjoy the benefits of sobriety once they complete their treatment programs. They find that they have improved sleep. They realize that what they thought was a good night’s sleep was unconsciousness, which didn’t offer any benefit to their bodies. Along with better sleep, they experience a boost in energy.

You may even find yourself with more time and money. You won’t be spending hours in search of drugs, using them, and then recovering from the experience, only to start the cycle all over again. A substance use disorder isn’t cheap either. Combine the cost of drugs with the possibility of losing your job, and you’ll see how sobriety can leave you with more money in your pocket.

Most importantly, a drug rehab program can help you salvage relationships with those you love. Your addiction affects everyone in your life. Finding help could be the key to keeping your friends and family close.

Types of Treatment Available in Delaware

There is not one treatment program that will work for every individual. Fortunately, Delaware offers a variety of rehab plans. There are four main categories to choose from. This means that you can find one that suits your individual needs.

Day Treatment

Day treatment gives you the ongoing medical monitoring you need while still allowing you to live at home. This program works best if you have a stable home life filled with supportive people. During this treatment, you are expected to come to the rehab facility on a daily basis. You will spend seven to eight hours there each day. Afterward, you will return to your own home.

Outpatient Treatment

This is a flexible treatment plan that allows you to continue fulfilling other obligations, such as work or school. Just like the day treatment, you are not required to live at the facility. Meetings are scheduled around your needs, and they mainly focus on preventing relapse. This makes it the ideal program for those who have already completed a more rigid rehab treatment.

Residential Treatment

A residential treatment program requires you to live at the rehab facility. This removes you from your family and friends as well as work and school. This allows you to avoid any triggers while recovering. These programs can last anywhere from a few days to several months.

Sober Living Communities

Sober living communities provide you with an intense treatment program that isolates you from your normal obligations. You will stay in a sober house with others that are recovering from substance use disorder. You will be provided with a supportive, safe, drug-free environment. This is the ideal situation if you have nowhere else to go or if you are worried that going home will lead to a relapse.

Finding the Right Treatment Program for You

Your personal needs are unique to you. Remember that just because a treatment program worked for someone you know, it may not be right for you. Your treatment program needs to suit your own situation. If you feel comfortable in the program, you’re more likely to succeed in overcoming your substance use disorder.

Make sure that the program you choose addresses more than just your substance use disorder. Your addiction has affected your relationships, your job, your health, and your well-being. All of these issues need to be treated along with the addiction. A successful rehab program will allow you to develop a new way of living. Above all else, it needs to focus on what started your addiction in the first place.

A successful recovery requires you to stay committed to sobriety with follow-up programs. No treatment plan will be quick or easy. The longer you have used drugs and the more intense the addiction, the longer recovery will take. Follow-up care is the only thing that is consistent from one treatment program to the next. Your follow-up plan will keep you focused on the goal of sobriety and will help you avoid triggers.

Your recovery boils down to the fact that the type of rehab you use will depend on many factors. A counselor can help you find the perfect program by taking into consideration your history of drug use, your age, and your mental and physical condition. Your recovery program will likely involve doctors and psychologists, but you may also need to talk with clergy members, social workers, and counselors.

In addition to finding help for your substance use disorder, you need to seek treatment for any mental health issues you are experiencing. These treatments can be done simultaneously. Combining these two treatments increases your chance of success.

A Guide to Withdrawal in Delaware

There are a few things you need to do before beginning a treatment program. Begin by understanding that your substance use disorder is not a character flaw and is not a sign of weakness. That being said, it will take more than simple willpower to overcome your addiction. This is because both prescription drugs and illegal substances can cause changes within your brain. They cause powerful cravings and compulsions. These feelings make you think that sobriety is unattainable, but the right treatment program will guide you through overcoming these thoughts.

The first step you need to take has to be done on your own. It is going to be the hardest step. You need to admit you have a substance use disorder and decide that you want a change in your life. This is intimidating. You’ll doubt yourself until you commit yourself to recovery. Even if your addiction was caused by prescribed medication, your rehab program will help you find the right solution.

You also need to understand that you won’t be successful unless you make some big changes in your life. You need to learn to deal with stress in order to avoid cravings. This may require you to be more careful when it comes to deciding who you should associate with. How you spend your free time may look different as well. Most importantly, you will need to change how you see yourself. Just remember, recovery will take time, commitment, support, and motivation.

How to Make Changes

Here are ways you can make tangible changes in your life:
• Track your drug use in order to have a clear picture of when you take drugs, including how much and how often you use.
• Make a list of the pros and cons associated with change so that you can see how change can bring about a positive outcome.
• Think about what is most important to you when it comes to relationships.
• Talk to someone who is trustworthy.
• Take a closer look at anything that may be standing in the way when it comes to seeking help.

Preparing for Your Recovery

There are a few ways that you can prepare for your recovery journey before you begin:
• Remember why you want to change.
• Be clear about what worked or didn’t work during your past attempts at recovery.
• Set specific goals for yourself.
• Get rid of reminders of your substance use disorder.
• Be open with your family and friends about what you wish to accomplish.

What to Expect From Drug Rehab in Delaware

Knowing what to expect as you enter a treatment program can help ease your mind. Detox is the first step for many clients. This portion of your treatment purges your body of the drug. You will have support, along with doctors and nurses, to help you get through this.

Expect to go through one or more types of behavioral counseling. This could be done individually, as a group, or with your family. Counseling helps you recognize exactly what makes you want to use the drug. Once this is achieved, you’ll be able to learn coping skills that will help you repair relationships.

Medication may be needed to manage your withdrawal symptoms. Don’t be afraid of these medications as they can help you keep from relapsing and treat any co-existing conditions such as anxiety or depression.

Expect to follow up any treatment program with long-term treatment. This is the best way to ensure sobriety and prevent relapses. This portion of your recovery can include attending meetings online or in person.

Sobriety does not have to be a dream. The drug rehab programs that Delaware has available can help you gain sobriety and commit to a drug-free life.

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